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ABCGA Overview

Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance is an open membership organization dedicated to improving worker safety, public safety, community safety, protection of the environment and preservation of the integrity of the infrastructure that provides goods and services that are essential to today’s society by identifying, validating and promoting the adoption of effective ground disturbance and damage prevention practices.

The prevention of damage to buried facilities has many stakeholders who are mutually dependent upon the successful execution of one another’s roles and responsibilities in the overall process.  The exchange of accurate and timely information during the damage prevention process, together with a genuine interest by all stakeholders for a successful outcome is critical.  Prevention of damage to buried facilities is a responsibility shared among the stakeholders.


What is now the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) was originally formed in the 1970s as the Alberta Utility Location and Coordination Council (AULCC) of the Alberta Chapter of the American Public Works Association and known most recently as the Alberta Damage Prevention Council (ADPC) of the Alberta Chapter of the American Public Works Association.  In 2004 it was recognized as a Regional Partner of the Common Ground Alliance.  The ABCGA was incorporated as a society in July 2011.

The Ground Disturbance Stakeholders Committee, which was originally established in 1998, became part of the ABCGA in 2006.

During its 30+ years of activity, the ABCGA has become recognized as the voice of buried facility damage prevention in Alberta.  It provides the ‘table’ to which issues related to damage prevention may be brought for discussion among the stakeholders and ultimate resolution.

The ABCGA works with industry stakeholders and regulators to produce stronger, more effective results through cooperation, collaboration and the pursuit of common goals in damage prevention.


The objectives of the ABCGA are:

  • To prevent damage from ground disturbance activities by identifying, validating and promoting the adoption of damage prevention best practices among all stakeholders in the buried facility damage prevention process;
  • To define and promote recognition and acceptance of the roles, responsibilities and expectations of all the stakeholder groups in the buried facility damage prevention process;
  • To establish and maintain minimum program content for ground disturbance training programs;
  • To establish and maintain a ground disturbance training program assessment and endorsement process to ensure minimum content consistency and relevance;
  • To foster a cooperative approach to the resolution of issues among all the stakeholders in the buried facility damage prevention  process;
  • To foster a sense of shared responsibility for the prevention of damage to buried facilities;
  • To advocate the development and implementation of fair, reasonable and practical damage prevention regulation that is based on best practices and acceptable to all stakeholder groups;
  • To sponsor, promote and participate in public awareness, education and training programs related to the prevention of damage to buried facilities  and safe ground disturbance activities;
  • To evaluate publications, programs and services that are or may be of interest to members;
  • To conduct activities that advance the purposes of the ABCGA  and enhance the quality of the services provided to the members;
  • To promote membership in the ABCGA and participation in achieving its objectives;
  • To establish and maintain liaison with other related interest groups and organizations; and
  • To serve as the provincial voice for buried facility damage prevention and ground disturbance training.


The business and activities of the ABCGA are managed by the Board of Directors.  Each populated stakeholder group within the ABCGA is represented by a Director on the Board.

In addition to the Board of Directors, the ABCGA has 4 working committees:

  1. Best Practices Committee;
  2. Data Reporting and Evaluation Committee;
  3. Education Committee; and
  4. Training Standards Committee;

Members of working committees are generally employees of the corporate stakeholder member organizations.  It is the work of each of these committees that supports the objectives of the ABCGA.  For a list of ABCGA meetings visit the ABCGA Meetings and Events page,

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Robert (Bob) Chisholm Service Award

Help us recognize those whose contributions to buried facility damage prevention have made Alberta a safer place to live and work.


Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility

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